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About us

About us

Hi, we are DAGAmedia S.A.S we have approximetaly 10 years of experiance working with audiovisual productions, we are an audiovisual production Company with new ideas and a great team, dedicated to bring spot commercials, corporate videos, short animations, short films, and others to life. DAGAmedia utilizes 3D animation to give a special touch to our work.

Our Philosophy

We are convinced that our disipline and work as a team has made us very competitive and proud of our work. Interacting in a creative Company, has allowed us enjoy our work at all times, keeping our minds fresh and open to maximize our potential, our responsability, honesty, and respect has categorized us highly with our clientel.


We like our audience to see what goes trhough our mind, therfore we créate our own 3D animation productions, additionally we would like to créate allinaces with inverstores so that we many bring these projects to life, if interested you many contact us.